Just a few of the wonderful things I've done this week:
• Made a new batch of homemade laundry soap

• Baked Peach-Mango & Cream cupcakes for a holiday/birthday celebration with friends.  These cupcakes have been on my radar for a year. It was about time.

• Canned 20 pounds of peaches in record time with Richard's help

• 4 sunny days at the park

• Saved $24 with coupons in one transaction at Target, getting 6 items free. :)

• I AM NOW A SCENTSY CONSULTANT! Have you heard of them, or used Scentsy products before? I'd love to know. I really like their products, and am excited to be a consultant for them. View my website to see what it's is all about: https://dianaanderson.scentsy.us/ 

I'm trying to get started with hosting some parties and introducing the products to those who have never had them before. So far all the feedback I have heard is that people "love their Scentsy" which makes things pretty relaxed for me.

Please, please, please if you want an excuse for a girl's night, or already have something going on and you'd love to have a Scentsy sampling on the side, let me know! Obviously I'm talking Washingtonians here, but if anyone wants to host an online party, we can arrange that and the host can receive free products as well! Think Christmas gifts--I know I am!
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I love this one a lot! 

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Anna said...

wowzers look at you go super housewifey! how do you like your homeade laudnry soap? what recipe did you use? i want to make my own but am a)waiting for my current box of det. to run out, and b) do more research to find out what the best recipe will be. i'd love your input!
ps, you really are amazing, d!