What is it?

There is a game my family plays called, "What is it?" The rules simply go as follows. Somebody picks up an object, typically an oddly shaped object, and asks "what is it?" As the object is passed around, the persons playing will give a clever, imaginative reply to the question without repeating what the object really is, or what another person has already stated.

Well, Michael is learning this game, in his own way. He has the innate ability of picking something up, and when I ask him "What Is It?"...well, can you guess what he replies?

I took the liberty of taking some pictures of the various objects he's picked up the last two days.

A Banana=A Gun
Some Tongs=A Gun
An Apple Peeler/Corer=A Gun
A Puzzle Piece=A Gun
He even tucks the puzzle piece into his pants, and walks around with it that way.


Michelle G. said...

Sounds like you're raising a normal little boy :) So cute!

Mallory said...

LOL I love that everything = a gun!

The Wendler Family said...

What a boy!! lol That is awesome!