Sick House

We are living in a sick house. I am so glad it's Sunday. I can just rest.

Michael was the first to go. On Tuesday morning, he crawled into our bed and threw up. Nothing like a good adrenaline rush to get Richard up on time for school! We got the sheets in the wash, Richard took a shower, and we all began to get ready for the day. Michael came into the kitchen and started crying for oatmeal. My initial thought was, "You just threw up, I'm not giving you oatmeal." But, then he kept crying, and crying and I felt bad for this kid who was hungry and traumatized at what had just happened. So, I gave him really watery oatmeal. After he ate it, he just laid down on the floor and there he stayed until we walked out the door to drive Richard to school. I put a towel over Michael in the carseat, and off we went.

Michael did just fine, except for the part where he threw up on the way home, missing the towel, and making me completely regret giving him oatmeal. Dumb Mom moment. We pulled over, I cleaned him up briefly, opened the windows, and rushed home as fast as I could.

When we got home, I knew I had to strip all his clothes off of him before I could take him upstairs. That's when I spotted a plastic bag in the passenger side of the seat. I recognized this as a tender mercy, especially when I recalled the circumstances for why it had been left there. I realized then that Heavenly Father knew that days later Michael would throw up and that I would need it. Seeing this, almost forced my mind to take a more positive approach to the entire situation, instead of getting too discouraged.

Taking off the seat cover from our carseat is very complicated. I couldn't just figure it out, and eventually googled it. I love the Internet. I found someone who had written an entire blog post on how to take off the seat cover from our carseat. It was quite the hilarious read, honestly.

Michael throwing up all over his carseat was a good thing, I decided, because:
1. It taught Richard and I cooperation as we worked on stripping it down and cleaning it.
2. I don't think we've washed it once since buying it.
3. Now it's really clean, and I can feel good about putting in our car.
4. I know not to feed a sick child oatmeal when he's sick again.

Later that day Michael asked for chicken nuggets. I'll leave you to your own thoughts on the matter.

Lucky for the rest of us, we just have colds. I'm glad the week is over, quite successfully too. In fact, it involved making these:


Mallory said...

The cupcakes were really yummy! I hope you all get to feeling well super soon!

The Wendler Family said...

Oh man... oatmeal in the form of vomit. My deepest sympathies!
Glad the car seat sits nicely in the car all clean now.
Hope you are all feeling better!
Oh, and of course you can stop by if you come to town for Christmas! We would love to have you over!

summerbummer said...

poooooor Michael!!! I really hope he's feeling better now!

Robyn said...

We went through that last week...I made the mistake of giving Linc pizza. I also made the mistake of catching all of the vomit in Sophia's spare jacket while we were driving, I should have pulled it away before Lincoln knocked it out of my hands spilling it all over the backseat...as we were stuck in rush hour traffic, in construction...in a small not well ventilated car. Live and learn! Get feeling better.

Jessie said...

One of my sisters makes a habit of always having a gallon ice cream bucket with a lid in the car at all times just for this type of occasion. I am glad Michael is feeling better