What is in my sink?

What is it?

Have you ever found a sippy cup filled with milk that was hidden for days?
I just did.
And it was truly disgusting.
Glugged out as I dumped.
Looked like tofu.
Now I really have no interest in eating tofu.
And--even after letting the water run on it, it wouldn't break apart and go down the drain.
Gag. Gag. Gag. Gag. Gag. Gag.


Rochelle said...

Oh I have done that WAY too many times...I had one that I threw up while cleaning it out! The joys of sippy cups! LOL

The Wendler Family said...

DISGUSTING!! I can't believe you took a picture and BLOGGED this!! lol But seriously, GROSS!!
Is it even worth it? When I find something like that I just toss the whole thing!! I can't handle smelling THAT smell. ((SHUDDER))

Brock said...

So you threw some grubs and bugs in there with it for good measure? What IS that stuff?

Diana said...

Mel-surprisingly I couldn't even smell it. Weird?
Brock--The rest...well, that is some mushed up and soggy cereal, and rice. I had yet to empty that when I dumped the milk in. :)

Mallory said...

Oh I totally laughed...I wouldn't have laughed if I was the one cleaning out the sippy cup though.

-tAy- said...

been there. done that.

Brittney said...

i found one like that in the car! it was under the back seat.

Brittain said...

Mmmm..... tofu..... We had some tonight on the salad - cold and creamy.