Brought to you by the Letter "B"

When Michael was little, and by this I mean, about a year ago-I discovered something new about my boy. Something cute. Something about children and attachments. I noticed Michael's yellow blanket was dirty and took it out of his crib, and set it on the floor. A few hours later, I took Michael in for a nap and laid a different blanket over him. As soon as I left the room he began to cry. This isn't unusual, but at the time, it was unusual for Michael to be crying over a minute after I left the room-he generally laid right down. When I went back in, he was leaned over the crib edge with his arms outreached towards his yellow blanket on the floor, crying out "A B! A B!" Thus began naming tied quilts, "B". Suitable for the yellow one, since there are letters on it.

There was one night he had waken up and I brought him into bed with us. We have a large "B" (quilt with ties), but this evening we weren't sleeping with it because it was too hot. However, when Michael got into bed with us he wouldn't quit crying. We couldn't figure it out, until he said, "A B!" We pulled our big, warm, B onto the bed, then he was instantly quiet and fell asleep. We were uncomfortably hot, but satisfied with the peace.

When Michael gets his B, he'll stick one thumb in his mouth and his other tiny fingers will creep around the blanket until he finds a yarn tie and he'll just twirl it around in a soothing, comforting fashion until he falls fast asleep. As long as he has a B, he's happy and content at night. It is an absolutely adorable attachment.


The Wendler Family said...

Simply tender! I love little boys and their "B's" :)
Miles has quite the thing for his, though its not a tied quilt. It is a miracle if he can fall asleep without it!

Mallory said...

Super cute. =)

Shaillé said...

Cute! When we broke Kelsi of her binky, she attached on to one of her blankets - much better thing to be attached to while sleeping! :)