Starting June out right!

I organized my storage cupboard today. I definitely feel stocked up on a lot of things. =)
Todays errands @ Rite Aid. I've never coupon shopped at Rite Aid before. It turned out pretty successful, although I am curious what the Olay products cost at Target. Both stores had equally enticing deals, but because I was at Rite Aid, they won my consumership.
Before coupons I would've paid: $42.12
After coupons & tax: $18.12
$24 in coupons for one order. WOW! I got the Stayfree, Kleenex, and OB products all FREE after coupons. Deals posted HERE
I will be submitting my receipt for SCRebates (only at Rite Aid) and will receive $9.99 back.
Net Price: $8.13 !!!
Before coupons I would've paid: $5.99
After coupons I paid: 49 cents
All Weber spices were free after doublers
On a final note-I received a rebate check in the mail today that I submitted around Christmas time. I thought it was a lost cause, because it had taken so long and they receipt wasn't itemized as they had requested. (It just said, "DVD" instead of the specific title of the DVD.) But, it's a sweet surprise to find a check in the mail. Anyone else catch any good deals lately?


Mallory said...

We got Welches (the same kind) juice at Alberstons too. But we got the patriotic plates that were more than free than the Weber Spices. Good job on the deals. And awesome you found Swagbucks. I have been doing swag bucks for more than a year now and I really like getting the Amazon GCs. I am now savings all my GCs and stuff for a camera =) Okay random tangent. Good job on the deals!!!

Diana said...

Mallory-Sadly, I didn't do as much research on my Albertson's trip as I normally do, so I have no clue what you mean by patriotic plates. Dang, cuz I need some more paper plates.