Learning to Read

I am feeling almost in shock! But, mostly I am very impressed with Michael. Tonight, we sat down and read one of my favorite children's books, No Biting, by Karen Katz. When we finished, Michael took the book from me and read it right back to me. Granted, he didn't get every individual word, but most of his words were right on as he went from page to page. He also pointed out letters, "A" "B" "L" "O" "S". He is growing by leaps and bounds. I love my boy & I am loving this age!
I bought this book my junior year in high school after having a discussion about children's behavior in a child care class. I wish I could remember the psychology term for it, but I don't. No Biting teaches proper social behaviors for young children in a colorful way. The book offers a different direction when telling a child "no" to a behavior, by showing them a proper way to display that behavior. For example, you shouldn't bite your friends, but it's okay to bite an apple.

It was this concept that inspired me to help Michael with his love of throwing things. If Michael wants to throw things--let him throw, but by following simple rules such as only throwing balls. And with the plush penguin bowling set, and mini basketball hoop, he is able to throw it with a purpose, therefore allowing him to practice a behavior properly. It also saves me wasting my breath by saying "No" all the time. Instead I can say, "Yes, knock those penguins down!"


Dorothy said...

Awesome! How cool to watch each successive generation improving on the last!

The Wendler Family said...

Sounds like a great book. What a smart little boy!

Mallory said...

You are such a great momma!

Lisa said...

I love that book and I've never even read it. It sounds like such a great way to teach. How cool that you bought it in high school, in preparation for being a terrific mommy! Lucky Michael.