My friend, Chelsie

One of my friends, Chelsie, came up to Seattle for a quick weekend visit. And she did my dishes! I told her she could stay as long as she wanted. We took a quick trip to Cupcake Royale on Friday afternoon. Yum! And with all the good weather we walked around the Ballard Locks. Michael wanted to be with Chelsie the entire time. He just adored her (and the attention) and even made a sign for "Chelsie". He used it every time he said her name. Make a letter C with your hand and pat the fingertips against your chest. That is the sign.
On Saturday morning, we spent a couple of hours downtown at Pike's Place Market. Unfortunately, I had an 8 hour shift to work that afternoon, so I dropped Chelsie off at the EMP museum and Space Needle and she did her own thing for hours. Richard picked her up when she was done, and they went out to Ivars for dinner. I had to remind Richard he was a married man, and not to go on dates without me. :) After lunch today, Sunday, I had to take her to Greenlake to walk around and enjoy the beautiful weather.
Goodbye hugs! Michael ran after her and dramatically fell by the doorway when we were heading out the door to the airport. "Chelsieeeeeee"


Alison said...

She did your dishes? WOW!

Mallory said...

I like Chelsie too! What good friends you have!