Birthday Party it Up!

My friend Kristen came over.
Why did she come over? So we could decorate these!

Why did we decorate these cute Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes? For this little guy's birthday!
Wait, what? Wasn't that a month ago? Why, yes. Yes it was. But, we never officially partied it up! The Mahelona's invited us to Chuck E Cheese for a belated birthday party. They brought their grandkids, and they played and played, ate some pizza, then played some more.
(He didn't really like this ride)

Michael's favorite game was simple. Stick the token in, hit the button, and some tickets came out. (The part you don't see is a light moving up and down along a line of numbers. The goal is to try to hit the button when the light is on "bonus" otherwise you just get a few tickets, but Michael didn't really care).

We opened presents too. He received some awesome toy cars and a book. Then K & J Mahelona pulled out a tricycle! He absolutely LOVES it. In fact, after opening that gift, he didn't really prefer to play with any other toys in Chuck E Cheese. Thank you Mahelona family.
And, I just love this picture. It's just very silly I think.


The Wendler Family said...

AW tender!
Happy belated Birthday Michael. :) (Something similar happened with Amelia's birthday this year since I was so sick on her actual birthday. I went to visit a friend in SLC and she said, Oh, by the way, we are having a birthday party for Amelia. :))
Miles HATES those little rides. He screams bloody murder and Tim and I look like abusive parents for putting him on them, so as to not cause a scene, we always take him off to minimize the crying- and looks from others.
So glad you had a great party for Michael, and that tricycle looks like a total hit! Awesome. :)

Suzy said...

Cute Sesame Street cupcakes! And the celebration looked like fun.

Brian and Becky said...

What fun cupcakes!! I just might have to copy your idea...not for anyone's birthday...just for me to eat!! :)

Smith Moments said...

Hi Diana,

I just read your comment on my blog and had to pop in on yours. It looks like you had a great birthday celebration for you sweet little guy. What a cute family you guys make!! I wish I could see you in action. :)

And yes, we home-school, and it is one of the BEST decisions we've made in our parenting years...We all LOVE it!! If you ever want to hear stories...I love to share them! Just look me up on PlanetSmith and give me a call some time.

And it looks like I need your chicken soup recipe.

Have a great day!
Cousin Amy

Katie said...

okay, so Michael's "I don't like this ride" face is so familar. I am sure I have seen other Anderson kids make a face like that. We must have a picture or a home movie of someone really upset.

Layla said...

Those cupcakes are super rad!

Steve said...

I would like a cupcake please.