Bubble Bath

By the way, we shaved all his hair off. He's a baldy now.


Layla said...

NOOOOO! I loved his hair!

I can make you a bag if you would like. WE could go and pick out fabric together.

Nancy said...

That middle picture is awesome.

The Wendler Family said...

What? You shaved his hair and didn't post pictures of that?!
All kids love bubble baths. :) He is lovin' it! Those are some great pictures.

(The silky part actually did change color. It is a very light green. That fabric just doesn't take the dye as well as the cotton thermal part.)

Autumn said...

You'll have to post pics of your baldy. Lela loved her first bubble bath, we used it so much we ran out in just a short month. (It was a HUGE bottle). Every bathtime she asks for a "boobie" bath which makes Matt laugh.
Matt would be totally jealous of Richards transformers. He's wanted some so bad, I just haven't found anywhere good local to get the "good" ones, guess I'll have to go online.