Oregon Coast

We visited Tillamook, Oregon for our Thanksgiving holiday. My family came up and we had a wonderful visit. We stayed up late every night, playing games and chatting. This is some of my family the first morning (and a boyfriend).
We treated Suzy and her BF like the paparazzi treat a celebrity. Lots of pictures were taken of them cuddling, and sneaking kisses. They are hooked to each other-almost literally, sometimes. Here was my official "paparazzi picture" through the stair railing.On Thursday morning, we took a drive to a couple of different beaches in Tillamook. I forget the ocean is just so beautiful and breath-taking. I loved standing on the beach looking into the foggy distance, and watching the waves crawl their way up the sandy ground.

We also visited one lighthouse. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures with our camera of a view I call "heaven", but somebody did, so I'll post it later.
And this is the view from my Aunt's front window. So beautiful.


Brock said...

Awesome! I look forward to visiting the OR coast some time. Some time...

The Wendler Family said...

Isn't the Oregon coast beautiful!?! Question: What prompted you to take a picture with a dead pelican? All the other pictures are great! Seeing them makes me want to live near the Oregon Coast.
I love the one of you and Richard standing close to the ocean, you both look so happy. :D

54 canoe said...

ahhh... no trip to the coast is complete without the ubitquous dead pelican picture.