HUGE CATCH on laundry supplies!

So I went to Fred Meyers to find Washing Soda, the last ingredient I need to make my own laundry detergent, but I couldn't find it. For the life of me, where is washing soda? Anyway, I ended up catching a super deal on laundry detergent and dryer cloths without very much effort.

First, I found Baking Soda that had a rebate attached for a free liquid laundry detergent when I bought both items. The baking soda was 69 cents--so that was a fine enough deal in itself. But what did I see when I went to the detergent isle was a "Free Dryer Sheet via rebate" sticker on the powdered box of detergent. I took it off to read the details on the back and it stated: "Buy and A&H 2-1 dryer cloths plus any A&H Laundry Detergent and receive a refund check [for the cloths]" The word, "Any" was key which meant the rebate for the cloths would work just fine with the purchase of the liquid detergent. Sweet!

Since I was already buying the detergent, I just added the cloths to my purchase. To make the deal even sweeter, at checkout I was able to use two coupons I had in my coupon binder (which is just a picture album split into categories). And I MADE SURE TO REMEMBER TO PRINT A DOUBLE RECEIPT! Because with both rebates, you need to have an actual receipt from the store-no copies.

So here's a breakdown of numbers
•Cloths = 3.50 = Free after Rebate
•A&H Detergent = 4.99 =Free after Rebate
•Baking Soda= .69
• Add two $1 off coupons = $1.31 moneymaker! -tax, and stamps.

Now of course, in the fine print it says limit one refund per family--however, these refunds are under different program numbers and allow two different envelopes so I'm pretty sure both rebates will be honored. If not, it was still a fine deal and I'm not too worried.


RORYJEAN said...

Wow- and you didn't even have to make your own laundry soap to save money! YAY!

I found Washing Soda at the Ballard Fred Meyer in the laundry area. It was right next to the Borax.

Dorothy said...

Good job Nan. I almost took a picture of my shopping deals last night to send to you. Good stuff. But my favorite is looking at other shoppers who obviously aren't couponers but seeing something in their cart that I have a coupon for but not likely to use it; then I give them the coupon. Last night there was a sweet little older lady (old is relative you know) who was buying TP and paper towels. So, I gave her a couple of coupons. She was so grateful, it was really sweet. She told me her name and asked mine and said she would pray for me; awesome - I can always use that. Plus then, chocolate milk was on sale for 75 cents for a half gallon - made some of us at our home happy! Love you, M

Diana said...

So, I just got word from someone who spotted this same deal before me at an Albertsons that she recieved both rebates back. SO --KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN my friends!