Until we meet again

If you've been to our apartment before, you will remember our set of matching, orange chairs. Aren't they lovely? While Richard and I were engaged we accumulated a lot of used furniture from and people in the ward, which basically filled up our entire apartment. I am SO grateful for it all, despite the fact that none of it really matched. But I'm no interior designer anyway. 

Our first apartment in Provo had shaggy green carpet (Richard's favorite), with dark brown, wood slated walls, and the kitchen linoleum was also a green pattern. Top that off with the orange chairs, and a few pictures and you've got a pretty radical/retro apartment setting. At first we hated it. The color combination made us want to puke! But, we couldn't afford anything else, and certainly didn't want to sit on the floor so we kept them. 

And then fell in love.

We joked about them so much that they actually became loved by us. They were actually pretty comfortable, the only problem was we could never sit together in them and you know how "newlywed" couples always want to cuddle. So when we were offered a couch by our neighbors here in Seattle, we bounced at the opportunity. 

Here is Michael on the couch. 

But alas, the couch and two chairs made our apartment much too crowded and I didn't like the cluttered feeling so I hesitantly posted our 2 orange chairs on Craigslist under free. How sad of me to assume that no one would want these chairs, even if they were free. They were gone very quickly.

It's hard to adjust. 

I wonder what setting they're in now.

Goodbye my orange chairs.


The Wendler Family said...

Bitter sweet hello and good bye for your orange chairs. Look at the bright side- now you can cuddle together while you watch movies and stuff!

adamkristalee said...

I did like those orange chairs!:)

Lisa said...

Diana, you're hilarious. I just love your posts. Plus, that's a really cute picture of Michael! Love it!

Katie Wood said...

That's kinda sad. I remember going to your basement apartment the first time and being impressed by how retro the whole thing was. I am sure you will remember those chairs for a long time.