Out of the Ordinary

I've done two things this week that I have not done in a long time. OR maybe I should say, I haven't done two things this week that I have been doing for a long time. 
1. Not gotten on my Facebook. Actually, I deleted my account so it was less tempting. I was on it too much among other reasons. Although, I've found that I'm replacing the "facebook" time with blog time though, which was not my intention. Michael needs more attention from me, I think. 
2. Haven't worn makeup. This is just because I've been lazy, but I haven't really cared. No makeup saves money in the end, right? Although, I did get a killer deal on mascara this week at Walgreens. 

Speaking of great deals, today I got a rebate check in the mail from Organix, a shampoo/conditioner line.
They still have the rebate forms on some of the products at (Seattle) Target when I went in this last week. So, if you're in there this week, check on it. Free -minus postage isn't bad at all. I almost considered getting another one and having my check mailed to my neighbors, because it's only one per household. But, I guess that isn't really honest. 

Other cool things I've scored, are free magazine subscriptions, a bread pan for $1, Free product coupons from Pepperidge Farms and Del Monte. Yeah, I guess that's about it for now.



RORYJEAN said...

Oooh, free stuff is the best! That conditioner looks fancy, I'll have to try it out. Thanks for the tips!

Suzy said...

You are a brave soul. Deleting your facebook- that was daring. Good luck.

54 canoe said...

Cangrats on deleting the Facebook. I had a similar enlightenment regarding my myspace page a couple years ago.

Also, I had this weird dream that chatter group had this bargain hunting contest. We met at some store and had to get certain items for the least amount of money. You totally won because not only did you spend the least... you actually made money out of it.

Shaillé said...

Yeah, facebook/blogging are addictive. When I first started blogging I spent way too much time reading others' blogs. Eventually I had to create this system where I divided up the blogs I read between the days of the week. Now I just look at about 5 a day (so I view each person's blog once a week). It has really helped me not to waste too much time on it. ;)

Katie Wood said...

Hey, your couponing is very impressive. I keep wanting to start doing that, but I usually spend my time reading books or doing social things instead of saving us money... By the way, I wanted to tell you that it is easier than you may think to go without chocolate for extended periods of time. In high school I went from Jan 1 to Jul 4 only eating chocolate 5 days. I could have gone longer if I cared enough. If you try, don't give yourself breaks like I did, it saps willpower.

Michelle G. said...

Sweet deals! Jealous of the $1 bread pan...need a new one SO bad!

Michelle said...

Like you - I haven't worn make-up in quite some time! Yes lazy - maybe because of the baby? I don't know. I have lately found myself getting attached to some "mom" websites like "moms like me" and "sacramento mom" anyway - once a day should be my rule! Haven't really gotten into facebook as of yet.