Thanksgiving Dinner

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent the day up at Keith and Lisa's (Richard's Aunt and Uncle's home.) I loved being there. They have such a relaxing, fun, and good spirit in their home. 
The Food was SOOO yummy. The company was great! We had a good game of Bohnanza (I love this game). I was sad when the day ended.

Keith was trying to teach Michael that olives go on your fingers. However, Michael just wanted to eat the olive. I was thankful that Keith wouldn't let him, but Michael WASN'T very thankful for that. I'm sure it won't be long until Michael will love having olives on his fingers.
Don't you think Richard looks so nice in this shirt? :) Wives make their husbands dress up. 

Great-Grandma Hart and Michael in his Thanksgiving outfit.

For some more pictures, visit the Schenk's blog.


Nancy said...

I made Andrew dress up, too.

What good wives we are.

And Michael looks so cute and grown up! Yikes!

CathyAnnie said...

I love Bohnanza, too!

Lisa said...

Thanks for coming up! We loved having your family with us. You are welcome anytime! I think you assumed right, the girls both had some leftovers!

The Wendler Family said...

Michael's first Thanksgiving! I'm glad you had families close that you could celibrate with.
Olives. :) Amelia just discovered the goodness of them over thanksgiving break.
I wish Tim would let me dress him up. He's totally against trying to "fit in" and thinks he has mad style already. What he doesn't know is that I get away with it some times. It would never happen if he knew I was doing it. I try to be sneeky. Some times it work, but more often than not, it doesn't. Love him despite he need to look the part of a physicist!
Glad you had a happy turkey day!