Just Some Thoughts

This post is really just a random compilation of thoughts and stories.

Today I received a letter in the mail from Chase Credit Card. They said they had received my recent application, but they couldn't approve it until I sent in verification to them-namely proof of residence and a copy of my social security card. Pshaw. They did a good job with their letter layout-looked very legit. But I guess these scammers have a lot of practice. I Googled the address they listed on the bottom and instead discovered a lot of people who had similar letters arrive in their mail. 

I just spent the last 20 minutes rocking my sleepy baby. He is very cute. So very cute. We've also tried to teach him the word "up" whenever he wants to be picked up, or when he pulls himself up onto things. And he's started saying it! He'll say "up-a" when he pulls himself up. He hasn't really connected it to picking him up though. 

I'm catching a cold again. I swear I just got over one.

We want to see the new movie "Bolt." Does anyone else think that movie seems so cute?

I am really grateful for our country. I feel fortunate to be born here and grow up here, and raise my kids here.

Richard wants us to have twins-a boy and a girl so we can name them "Luke" and "Leah" (no, not Leia, I wouldn't allow that.)

There is a frequent Safeway customer I know, who always has coupons. Always. I don't know where he gets them all. But he always bases his shopping around them. Today his ordered rang up to over 50 dollars. But with his coupons, and credit for bring reusable bags, he got his order down to $9.11. I wanna be like him. (or like my dad)

Well, I'm going to bed now. Gnight.


Rochelle and Justus said...

LOL - every other week it seems like one of us is sick , I feel your pain! I want to see Bolt - it looks really cute, I am glad you liked it! Do you work at Safeway or are you just a frequent shopper??

Rochelle and Justus said...

just kidding- I re-read your post - yeah Bolt does look really cute, you will have to tell me if its good. With a baby I am sure you get to go to movies as much as I do...never! LOL

Hosander said...

there were some triplets in matt's grade named luke, leah, and rachel

An Ordinary Mom said...

I hope you start feeling better soon!

And Safeway gives a credit for bringing in your own bags?! Wow, I have been going there for 5 years and never heard that one :) !!

Happy Thanksgiving!