We're not going to have Triplets?

Diana called me today as I frantically worked at Logoworks. I was taking Chats and answering phones more than usual because there was a big meeting. I had to, with one other person, hold down the fort. It was crazy but rewarding. So Diana calls me and says "We're not going to have triplets?", and hangs up the phone. My mind starts racing. Does that mean we are having twins!? I call her back and ask "Are we having twins?". "You would like to know wouldn't you", responds DIana. By now its killing me. Then she tells me we are not having twins. Neither do we know whether it is a man or woman.

I think its a little man. He's about 3 inches long, and thats just the start. The Doc says he'll be a long baby. Everyone always tells us how big our kids are going to be. Hopefully he is not 42 inches like Jacob guessed, or 12.6 punds like Phil guessed on our guessing game. That would kill my sweet wife.

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