Considering Richard's fascination with HALO 3-the new XBOX game, I suggested that Richard dress up as a character from it for Halloween. Little did I know all the work he would put into it. He spent hours shaping wire and cardboard to fit on his body, and on top of that we spent even more time hardening these pieces by paper mache. Then he applied the paint and details, and *walah* we have Master Chief. He looked pretty darn cool.

When he went to work in his costume, everyone just stared at this tall, looming, green cardboard man, with a cool mask. His coworkers whispered, "Who is that?" and "Whoa, that's sweet!" He won "the most original" category in their costume competition. Yay!

On a final note, we'll sell you the costume if you want it. :) Assembly Required.

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Becca said...

Haha....very nice! Brandon liked it a lot too!