Birthday Boy

It was Richard's birthday on the 20th and we celebrated by having a little get together with friends and family last Sunday. I tried to use a little creativity and make a cute Star Wars cake to celebrate the child within Richard. He thinks that 24 is just too old.

I bought him a Seattle Seahawks jersey for his birthday present. We like that team--well, I mostly like them just because he likes them. On the other hand, my little brother Philip doesn't like them, but I think that's just because Richard likes them. Haha. Oh, I think he is so cute wearing it, but I do think he looks really little in this picture. Maybe I'll buy him some football pads for Christmas, to wear underneath.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Richard. I would post a small movie clip of the girls upstairs singing Happy Birthday to Richard before they went to bed, but I'm not that blog savvy yet-and don't know really know how to do that.

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