I have to say, these "free" swimming pools we have are truly awesome. Michael and I spent 5 hours there yesterday with friends, and his sitter took him again today. We are just soaking up the sun.

Typically Michael just plays in the knee-high kiddy pool, but occasionally I bring him in to the big pool for a swim. He is scared of it, clings to me tight and uses a lot of energy in just staying alive. It's at that moment when I finally get him out of the pool that he breaks into tears--and no, he's not sad that he had to get out, rather it's a release of the emotion that he couldn't manage while he was in the pool. It's sad to watch that.
But yesterday we had a breakthrough. We finally bought Michael some floaties (which he believes he magically transforms into the Hulk with them on. I mean, look at those muscles!) During our 4th hour at the pool, Michael asked me if he could go in the big pool! Away from the stairs, I let him go; he floated, he realized that he wasn't dying and it was a huge breakthrough. For the rest of the hour, he would jump in the water to me, swim to the stairs by himself and do it all over again. I was all smiles. He was all smiles. It was another fabulous Thursday.


Lisa said...

How fun! I love Summer time and playing in the pool with the kids. Glad to see Michael is having fun with it too!

Dorothy Gillespie said...

Love arm floaties. Great for building confidence.

Mallory said...

Hooray sun and swimming!