I love it when we have sunny Thursdays, because that's my day off and I just spend the entire day outside--just Michael and I. Last week was particularly cheery, and I bought these lovely flowers for myself because they reflected my mood perfectly. They are still alive, and wonderful to have on display. 
Yesterday morning, Michael had requested to play with Noah, his best friend in preschool. Luckily, I had swapped phone numbers the last day of preschool with Noah's mom once I found out they lived in the same area that we do. I don't think Noah's mom knew it was me calling her, even though I clearly introduced myself. She seemed a little bit confused at my request to meet her at the park nearby. I could tell it finally clicked though when her voice got more high-pitched and excited, "OH! Yes! Sure, we'd love to see you and Michael!"

The boys played and played, while the Mom's talked and talked. Honestly, I wasn't sure how well our conversation would go because our talks at preschool were always short, and ended with that awkward silence of not knowing what else to say. But I must say, our park conversation never ended. The boys ended up wandering onto a nearby trail, where we surprisingly found a red chair sitting alone. Both Noah's Mom and I squealed with delight at how cute they looked sitting there, and simultaneously pulled out our phones. Awesome.
 Then the boys took time picking some flowers (weeds) for us.
 We said our goodbyes then had some lunch. But the glorious sun was still shining, and I wanted to take advantage of the free swimming pools that we have around. Although I guess they aren't really free since we have to pay homeowners due every month (since I'm a homeowner...) I do like that there are 3 pools available to us. And, two of them have small kiddie-wading pools, which is Michael's preference, and mine, because then I don't have to be in the pool with him the entire time.


I basked out on my chair, reading a thrilling book on Vision Therapy and Michael hopped in and out of the pool throwing his toy into the basketball hoop. Eventually I got in the big pool with him trying to teach him how to swim. He prefers just to grasp to my neck like his life depends on it, and if I try to do anything different he lets out high-pitch screams drawing all attention to us. Semi-embarrassing.

Today however, Michael discovered he can be in the most shallow part of the big pool (3ft) and touch the ground. He was so excited and was sure to tell every kid who entered the pool, "Hey, guess what I'm three-feet-tall and can touch the ground!" Although he never really ventured away from the stairs, or let go of the wall, he enjoyed swimming around the big kids.

It was a fabulous Thursday.


Lisa said...

I love lazy Summer days. Well, I used to have them when the kids were little. One Summer Denise and I took our kids to a different beach every day. THAT was awesome. Lots of driving since we lived an hour apart and the beaches were all around the area. Good times.

Myrna said...

That sounded like a wonderful day! Nothing as beautiful as a sunshiny day in the Pacific Northwest!