We played Pandemic with some awesome friends of ours, who we adore because they'll come over on short notice to play games with us. As our game wrapped up, we began talking about one particular couple in the ward who had racked up enough airmiles to fly anywhere they wanted to, and they were just trying to decide where to go! Looking at the Pandemic board, and seeing all the different places in the world, we began daydreaming about which location we would choose. My friend wanted beaches, sun, and islands.

I wanted Russia, Denmark, and Sweden which is funny because I've been to all three before. On top of that, I wanted something so culturally different and out-there; Kolkata, Chennai, or what about Kinshasa? I'd never heard of these places before Pandemic, that's for sure.

But, beaches would be nice, too. I keep thinking back to far-too-long-ago when we went to CA. I want another vacation like that, with people I adore, no rush to come home and some sunshine.


Lisa said...

Sun and warm beaches for me everytime! Ha ha, I just need to warm up once in awhile, these cool Summers don't quite do the trick for me. But seriously, there are so many amazing places to visit. You guys should do the Amazing Race. The couple that just won are friends of Katie and Josh. Cool, huh? They won so many trips they'll be traveling for a long time to come.

Jessie said...

I want you to come visit again too. We miss you. Eliza will still run around the house roaring every once in awhile, then it makes me miss you more.

Mallory said...

I like that you dream about Russia, and Sweden and, Denmark. Those are cool places to go back to even if you have been there before.