Another day, another Deal

I just made a purchase from Vitacost.com at the beginning of the month for children's vitamins, dishwasher detergent, and zbars and I'm back to do yet another! But, this time I decided to share this deal because it was just too good and easy.

But, before you read on--please sign into shopathome.com Why? Because you can get additional rebates for your online shopping. And, for the amount of online shopping I do, it adds up, and it doesn't expire. Once your rebate amount reaches $20+, they will automatically mail you a check. So easy.
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I have laid out a step-by-step plan for you to get the most of out your shopping experience:

1) Click on my referral link to Vitacost.com This will get you a $10 shopping credit. After you fill out the appropriate information, and have set up your shopping account for vitacost, then feel free to close that window and move onto step 2.
2) Sign into shopathome.com
3) Search for Vitacost.com
4) Click on any of the links which will take you back to Vitacost (but this time with the tracking # so you can get that 9% rebate loaded into your account)
5) Do your shopping! Enter your $10 credit code which will be sent to your email address.

If you are a Zbar fan, like myself, they have 6 bar packages for only $3.45 (.58/bar)! Couple that with your $10 credit--score!!!

Seriously, I don't take time to write stuff like this unless it's worth it, and this is totally worth it. Share away, and happy shopping!

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Mallory said...

When I sign up for shop at home I will totally use your referral right now I am just not ready for another account. Isn't dealing and couponing funny how at times you are super excited and other times you are just so so?