How to get Free Glasses

Have you ever found a sweet deal and thought, Hey I should tell people about this? Well I had one of those moments about a month ago when I got new glasses. I decided to go bolder, and different with these glasses. I also thought they were black, but really they are a dark blue. What do you think?
I'm finally blogging to tell you how you can score some free glasses + an additional rebate from your purchase:

First, sign up with shopathome.com Please click directly on the link here, or on the side of my blog, because then you'll get an extra $5 credit on your rebate.
I always check Shopathome.com before I do online shopping to see if they will give me an additional rebate on my purchase. They mail you a check after your rebate amount gets to $20 or above. On average I tend to get 3%-6% back on purchases, but for Coastal.com they are offering 11% cashback!

After you sign up with shopathome.com search for Coastal.com and click on the link to get to their page. Now shop for the glasses you want, and when you are ready to check out, use the code: firstpairfree 

Make sure you have your current prescription! And, not all glasses are included in the free, but most are. The site is pretty clear about which ones qualify.

Of course, the deal was just a little sweeter when I got them because I also received free shipping...sorry to have waited a month to blog this. Please post pictures of yourselves in new glasses when you get them! I would love to see your picks. 


Lorrie B. said...

Sweet! Where does it say on the website which ones are free?

Diana said...

There's a banner that says, "Get your first pair free" and then a link that says Browse Glasses. There are a lot of options, but I believe if you click on that banner link it only shows you the eligible ones.

Mallory said...

Wow lucky you had free shipping too. I try not to complain with 18 dollar glasses though cause that is a lot cheaper than getting them otherwise. I like your new glasses

Lisa said...

They look cute on you! Do you wear glasses very often?