Snoqualmie Falls

We had a visitor all last week-Richard's Aunt Karen! It was nice to have two cars, and to get out and do something out-of-the-ordinary everyday. We also played lots of Mexican Train Dominoes and ate a lot of sugar everyday. Oy! 

Our first days adventures included a drive to Snoqualmie. We visited Snoqualmie Falls, which was incredible. I didn't realize such a powerful waterfall was just down the street from Richard's work. It was breath-taking. 

After the falls, we drove to downtown Snoqualmie and walked down a path with rusty parked trains. We read some of the information posted along the trail about these old trains and laughed at it's many spelling mistakes.
After trains, we stopped by Richard's work and had lunch with him and then looked at his desk. Very exciting stuff indeed. Richard has already adorned his desk with a couple of Transformers.

The final stop of the day was a trip to Theo Chocolate Factory. We went on the tour, ate lots of samples, and looked hot with our hair nets on. Michael hated having it on his head, and was quite thrilled with all of the information he was learning about cocoa beans. Can't you tell? Sorry for the fuzzy I-Phone pictures. There wasn't a lot of light, and I was trying to sneak this picture of Karen intently listening to our tour guide. Karen learned one thing--90% cocoa chocolate bars are not her favorite thing to sample. I should've gotten a picture of her face when she took a bite of that! 


Lorrie B. said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I want to go to the Theo factory! As you might guess that is my favorite chocolate on the face of the planet.

Meaghan said...

I love getting the chance to get out and do fun stuff. And that waterfall is so pretty.

Lisa said...

I love Snoqualmie Falls. Living nearby as a kid we got to go there from time to time, and it's fun to see it at different water levels. Did you take the path down to the bottom? I think a chocolate factory sounds pretty awesome. Didn't even know we had one there. Looks like I better find a reason to head South...