the Difference Between Girls & Boys

I know Michael is acutely aware of the differences between girls and boys. But there's one thing that I don't think has quite clicked for him: Girls don't really prefer shoot & fight & "smack that bad guy" games.

I think Aunt Karen came to appreciate her sweet granddaughters much more after being around Michael for a week.

"Hey!" Michael yells, looking at Karen, "Hey...hey, uh, hey...."

At this point, I prompt him, "Michael, her name is Aunt Karen."

"Hey, Aunt Karen, watch this!" At this moment, Michael could be holding anything from a pillow, to a lego, or a piece of lint, and as soon as Karen looks over Michael throws it up in the air and starts batting it like the "bad guy" it is.

Or he'd hand her a toy, "Let's fight!"

"Umm, no, Michael, I don't really want to fight with it right now," Aunt Karen replies. I'm sure Michael couldn't understand why she wouldn't want to play such a fascinating game with him.

I'm glad I had a break from these games for a while. The week after Karen went home, I went to Utah for a weekend trip (kid free)! I stayed at Grandma's house, and played with my 3-year-old niece, Emily. It was fun to curl her long blonde hair on Sunday morning (something I wish I could do more often). While I was doing my own hair in the bathroom, Emily came in and picked up two of my bobbypins from the counter and immediately started naming them.

"This one's the mommy," pointing to the one bobbypin, "and this one's the daddy." Then she proceeded to walk those hairpins around the sink and into their homes.

I stood in awe. Michael would have never done that.

It was nice to come home and see my three-year-old again. I'm good at getting him partially dressed (as many of my pictures prove). This picture was taken the day I got home from Utah. While sitting at the computer, Michael pulled out some pennies to play with, and guess what? He immediately named one of them.

"This one's the daddy...."

Oh wait, I don't want to steer you wrong. That's not really how that sentence ended. One penny was set aside and he called it "the daddy....warrior" and the rest of the pennies began a deep, cutting battle with one another protecting that daddy warrior penny. Yup, that's my boy.

Boys and girls are different. Very different indeed.


Nancy said...

Hahaha! But both boys and girls are wonderful. :)

Hope to see you all soon! Your trip wasn't nearly long enough!

Lorrie B. said...

Wow he is getting so big! I love is shirt! It is so adorable how kids just play with anything around them...like pennies.

Mallory said...

Lol but it is so true

Anna said...

haha isn't this the truth?