Pillow fights

A few weeks ago, I was watching a movie and in it two of the actors get into a pillow fight. Michael was all over this idea. He jumped off the couch, grabbed a pillow from the bedroom, then came at me. He's always liked jumping on the bed but hitting with pillows just adds more fun to the fun!

At this point, he just wanted me to stop taking pictures and start playing again. :)


The Wendler Family said...

What great pictures. (That one of him wanting you to stop taking pictures and play with him already is too cute!) I'm glad my kids haven't discovered pillow fights yet, as with two kids physically able to conduct a fight I believe it would only end in tears. HOWEVER I am glad that you and Michael get to enjoy them together! :)

Lisa said...

How fun! Love seeing your cute family in action! Hey, tell Richard that Katie posted some pictures of Epic today on her blog. And question, is he using the nightguard? Is it helping? I started using it, and I think I really like it. So thanks for the tips on buying it!