Too Cool for You

I went to the store this morning with Michael, and let him walk with me, instead of sitting in a cart. He immediately gravitated to the stand that holds a bunch of children's sunglasses. He liked the Princess Aurora ones the best, and surprisingly he actually wore them. I let him hold them the rest of the shopping trip, but at the checkout stand he had to let them go.

Fortunately, I gave him his sippy cup of milk. He took one sip, and then chucked the cup at the checker, some excess milk dripping out of the sippy-part. Fortunately, this checker has two young boys this age, and knew exactly how to respond. Michael was cracking up! But then the checker handed the cup right back to Michael. He took a quick sip, and threw the cup right back. *More laughter* Michael's had found his next culprit to play the throwing game. Silly goose.

Michael is starting to realize getting into the car, means being buckled into the carseat. He doesn't really like that anymore, although generally he is pretty good. Lately, it's been massively hot in the car, so he doesn't like it as much. But, whatdya' know. There are baby sunglasses in the back seat! Our neighbors had given them to us months ago as we were driving off. Michael didn't care for them then, but he sure does now. These ones are spiderman. (A much better choice than princess Aurora, I think.)

Bring on the sun! Oh wait, did I just say that? 


Lisa said...

So adorable! I can just imagine the scene with the checker!
And I remember the car seat days, working harder and harder at getting them in and buckled. He's getting to be a big boy!

RORYJEAN said...

What a cool dude! Apollo loves his sunglasses, tool but his head is so humongoid, that he has to wear adult glasses.

Nancy said...

Rachel loves seat belts. Of course she's only had to wear one like 10 times (maybe, if that) in the last 10 months).

We're a little nervous for when we get home and she has to sit down in a seat with a seat belt on every time we get in the car... :)

If you cover up his seat with a blanket when the car is sitting in the sun the buckles won't be as hot when you go to put him back in his seat. Just in case you were looking for a solution.

Autumn said...

It's great that he loves sun glasses and doesn't destroy them while loving them.

Brian and Becky said...

Hehe - What fun pictures!! Crystal loves her sunglasses, but struggles putting them on...I just might end up with a blind girl one on the these days. ;)