In no particular order

Here are some recent happenings in the Anderson Household:
The movie I am watching right now.
A visit to the Zoo. I didn't really take any pictures. Michael was sort of interested in looking at animals through the window, but mostly just wanted to walk around and touch the leaves, rocks, and other kids. 
Sitting on a Komodo Dragon. 
A somewhat, bad picture of Michael's first bee sting. We were in the backyard when he started screaming ferociously. There was a bee in his pants that had first stung the back of his leg, but obviously, the needle didn't stick, because the bee stung again on the front (probably because I irritated it.) 
A veggie burger. First, one I ever ate. And, I thought it looked pretty darn good, so I took a picture of it. It was tasty. I tricked Richard into eating one, he didn't know the difference, from the looks of it, but he definitely knew it wasn't meat as he started eating it. But, he ate it anyway. Good boy. 

And last but not LEAST--Richard was just accepted to do an internship for the next few months! We are very excited for him. He visited the company a couple months back for an informational interview with the company, just getting to know what they do. Unexpectedly, he was able to sit in a meeting with the designers, which was awesome for him. When he came home, he said to me, "I really want to work there!" So of course, he hopped on the chance when he found out they were offering an internship. Now, he gets the chance (for a little while, at least).

And that concludes this episode of happenings in the Anderson family. Tune in next time for the story of Michael and his biting fetish. 


Dorothy said...

In order:
I like that one.
Cute boy!
Isn't that poisonous?
Was it a wasp?
How did you make it?
Love you

Nancy said...

Dear Diana,

Your mom is so cute.

Congratulations a thousand times on the internship! That's so awesome!

Poor little Michael and his stung-up leg!

Anna said...

woot woot! i love the god's must be crazy!

The Wendler Family said...

Nice. Never a dull moment when you have a small child around.
That is a bummer about the bee sting. I'm glad you had fun at the zoo!

Lisa said...

Love your updates! Congratulations to you guys on the internship, that's great!