A story.

I will tell you some facts of a story, and you can piece together the details.
1. Heard a noise this morning in the kitchen.
2. Above the stove? In the vent/fan area where the pipes lead to the outside, somehow (I don't really know how it all works)
3. Scratching. Scratching.
4. Mouse? No. Please no.
5. Quiet.
6. More scratching.
7. Call the managers.
8. Call animal control.
9. Remove fan screen and hold cage underneath.
10. Bird doesn't fall into cage, rather flies at the window.
11. Smack. No good.
12. Pirches himself on "family" coat hanger on wall.
13. Remove the window screen.
14. Freedom.
15. No pictures to prove it. Darn.


Nancy said...

At least it wasn't a mouse, right? And the fact that it flew all around your house makes the story more interesting! :)

The Wendler Family said...

Oh my goodness! That is so crazy! Is there no cover on the outside to keep other birds from getting stuck again?
Do you know what kind of bird it was? Amelia loves, LOVES birds!
I don't always get pictures of stories (none really as exciting as your bird tale) but it is always worth posting anyway. I'm glad you did. So fun to read. :)

Anna said...

good story. good thing a mouse didn't come out!

RORYJEAN said...

Wow, how did the bird get in there, I wonder? Poor bird. I'm glad he eventually got to fly away- I bet he had a good story to tell all of his bird friends.

Anna said...

so... let's talk food storage. i don't really know where i started. i just shop case sales and sales of things that we eat often. i try to set aside about $30 a month to put towards food storage.

The Nielsens said...

So..YAY...WSU is gonna be AWESOME...there's only one problem...WSU isn't Seattle...its in Pullman. Hey, it's not much farther though-only 6 hours. ; ) But we will SERIOUSLY have to meet up before we move!!

Shaillé said...

Wow, that's crazy! Yeah, I can see why you didn't get any pictures though - that wouldn't be my first thought either. ;)