(Yes, some more pictures...)
Today, Michael looked incredibly big and much older to me. His hair is also starting to resemble Jim on "The Office". It's definitely getting long, and starting to curl against his ears. 
I've also discovered a new styling gel for him. Pear juice. Or, macaroni and cheese. Or, sweet potatoes. It helps the hair stick up in anyway you want it.

Watching Obama's speech. I like this picture, cuz Michael looks like he's mimicking Mr. President.

Socks. Teeth. Drool. The whole package.


Nancy said...

The good thing about the food-style is that it's cheap, too. No need to waste money on a bottle of gel when you have smashed up baby carrots, right? You should tell Richard about this.

Dorothy said...

His wet shirt front brings back memories of baby James.

The Wendler Family said...

So cute! You mentioning it, does make me notice that he does very much resemble Jim from the office. He's just a mini Jim, the same hair, but cuter!! I'm lovin' the drool. That and the food in the hair. :) Comes with the territory!

Anna said...

i love jim, so i love michael. he's so cute. love the pic of him during obama's speech!

Lisa said...

I love these pictures! So cute!
I wish you could have been at the shower too. But hey, you're invited to the wedding, so I hope you can make it!

Karli said...

What a cutie! And thanks for the link and visiting my blog today!