My Bloated Piggy Bank

Wanna learn something new about me?
I am becoming a coupon-aholic.
Granted, I'm not the best-and don't ring up with 80% savings each time, but I really enjoy being a bargain hunter.
I think I was first and foremost inspired by my dad. He has a plastic case separating his coupons into sections, so it's easy to find what he's looking for. I remember cutting out the coupons on Sundays for him. And he and some people in the ward would swap unwanted coupons.

After I got married I didn't really use coupons. And I don't know what really got me started up here, except the motivation to be a penny pincher. I don't even buy a Sunday newspaper, because someone at work always does, and he never wants the coupons. I'll take them! I have a large envelope that's separated into just four sections, and I always have it in my purse. I realized I must be in love when I was anxiously awaiting the mail on Tuesday because that's when a few grocery store ads arrive--a moment when I compare prices store-to-store, see if anything I need is on sale, and see if any coupons I have match up to sales.

I also keep tabs on coupon forums and blogs. They can offer online deals that I haven't heard about, or access to more printable coupons. I did have one shopping trip where I did save 84%. But that's a rare occasion--usually I'm up in 50% range. Still pretty good though, if I plan it right.

I was actually going to post about a shopping trip that I made to Albertson's a few weeks ago. They had a "double your coupons" promotion for one week, and I was SO excited. They only allowed 4 coupons per transaction, so I chose coupons that had 1.00 value, so I could end up getting 2.00 off. Also, they had some baby items on clearance, which I also had coupons for, so a double whammy there! (Can you sense my excitement?) In the end, I think I bought just 12 items, but they averaged out to just .60 cents an item. (Garnier Fructis shampoo, Lysol cleaners, Baby snacks.) Pretty awesome eh?

I've heard some people complain that it's pretty time consuming and not worth it--but to me this has become a hobby, and something I enjoy, and it saves me some money, so in the end-that leaves more money in the piggy bank.

Anyway, Safeway is pretty much having some awesome sales this week. They've completely run out of the ads we have in the store, because they have $10.00 off coupons attached. As I've been working, I've been compiling a mental grocery list of the best deals, and because I look through my coupons so often, I have a pretty good idea of what deals I can match with coupons. We can also get a free 2-liter rootbeer with any grocery purchase of $10.00 or more so Richard can even get excited.

Anyway, I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow-and I'm pretty much STOKED! What are ways that you try to save some money?


Anna said...

that's so cool, DI! i usually just shop the sales that different stores are having (since we live in cedar city now and have a variety of stores to choose from for the first time in my life). i have alwayswanted to learn how to do the coupon thing. do you have any pointers? do you use coupons from the internet or just the ones you cut out?

Diana said...

Just got back from shopping. After club card and coupon I had a savings of 59% --Saved $111.27

Nancy said...

Dear Diana,

I think that's so awesome. I should do that when I get back home. They don't have coupons here, so I can't.

My friend Crystal is also very into coupons. You two should meet. Virtually.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I hit the sales today and saved 48% at the store you work at AND I scored some good rain checks since some of the items I wanted they were out of :) !!

Karli said...

I LOVE coupons! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

The Wendler Family said...

Nice! I have yet to catch the coupon fever, but one of my good friends says that she's going to teach me how to do it. Apperantly there is a new method where you don't have to clip at all when you get the coupons, you just take the coupons from the sunday paper then write the date on a folder and stick all coupons for that date in there. Then there is a site (pinchingyourpennies.com, I think) that will email you deals at different stores that line up with mfcoupons- and tells what sunday papaer pack the coupon came in. I'm interested to see if it is worth buying the sunday paper to do the coupons.
I usually cook from scratch so the things like hamburgerhelper and such I don't know if I would cook- I might just put in food storage.
I'm so proud of you doing the coupon thing all on your own! You are quite the bargin shopper! :)