Richard's Reaction

Refer to the picture in the previous post of Michael eating peas. We know it's not the cutest picture. Well, just barely, I had our blog up and Richard caught a glimpse of the picture and this is what he said,  "OOHHH! Ew! Who was that?"
"Who was what?"
"The picture of a kid with green all over his face."
I went back to the picture, and then pointed at Michael.
Richard: "Noooo!"


The Wendler Family said...

lol colored food and close up! :) After the shock wore off was he ok about it?

RORYJEAN said...

Haha. I love the messy face pictures. Its such a great depiction of the joys and messiness of feeding a baby.

Emily said...

Michael: Richard, I am your child.
Richard: Nooooo!

Conner said...

Hi Diana! You have a baby?

You need to call me to baby sit. I had a good example to follow.

Layla said...

I loved that. I can see Richard right now saying this and making an awful face.