Oh Brother

The following conversation just took place. If any of you know my brother, Philip then you might agree.

After an incident...
Diana: (To Richard) I'll say sorry at the same time as you, okay?
Richard: Okay.
Diana: 1. 2. 3. 
Then at the same time...
Richard: Sssss...   Diana: Sorry.
Diana: You punk.
Richard: (Laughing) Haha, I just pulled a Philip!

I remember getting in trouble along with my older brother, Steven.  I don't remember the specific action we were being punished for, but my mom put us in chairs in the kitchen and told us we couldn't move from them unless we got permission from the other and said sorry. Being very stubborn, we didn't want to give permission to each other without getting the chance to leave the seat also. Steven fooled me into saying he could go first, promising to give me permission right after. Apparently, he was crossing his fingers, because he just stood up and left. I just cried. 

My brothers think they are so sneaky.

And apparently, so does my husband.

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The Wendler Family said...

tricky. that crossed fingers thing doesn't seem fair. Richard better be sorry... If nothing else, at least you are. Hopefully that brings a feeling of liberations!