Angry Birds Star Wars Birthday Celebration

I wanted something simple but that reflected the cartoon nature of Angry Birds. I LOVE how these turned out. One cake mix is all it took. Chewbacca's belt is the nougat from a Three Musketeers bar that I cut up. Outlining their eyes in black really made their features pop!

Party Favors
Create pool noodle light sabers! THESE THINGS ARE THE BEST! We have had ours now for almost two years, and they are one of the most popular toys whenever friends come to visit. Kids can smack as hard as they can and they don't hurt. Buy Monster Funnoodle Pool Noodle Foam Asstd Colors from Amazon. Cut them in half, and then use duct and electric tape for your handle design.

Party Games
Red Light, Green Light modified to Angry Birds Star Wars RED BIRD/GREEN PIG (I let my son color them).

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