72 Hour Kits

I've determined that the purpose of my 72 hour kits are for the chance that I'll have to evacuate my house for a period of time, and possibly live out of a tent. Ironically, I don't own a tent. Perhaps I should buy one......and some sleeping bags to go with it. Do you ever feel like you are never prepared enough?

Alas, I've done 72 hour kits over and over again and this time I decided it was time to go a much simpler route
  • Everything in there had to have an expiration of at least 12 months from the day I purchased it
  • Our entire family's kit would be combined instead of three separate backpacks

What's Inside Small Rolling Suitcase:
Fruit Strips (3)---Dried Apple Slices (3)---Cup o' Noodles (3) ---Large Pineapple Juice (1)---Individual OJ's (3)---Beef Jerky packs (4)---Mountain House Dried Dinners (4)---Mountain House Dessert (1)---Trident Gum---2 liter water for cooking

My sister told me about Mountain House. She vouched for the value of the food as she's eaten it during hiking adventures. She clarifies it's not as good as it would be from your own kitchen, but it's good. I researched these a bit online and then found them at Winco! I haven't tasted one though. If I need them, I'm sure I'll happily eat them.

  • 10 Year Shelf life
  • Just add hot water into the pouch
  • Apx 2 Servings per package
I plan on picking up a few more during my next trip, and pretty soon I won't really have to check on my 72 hour kits as often! Honestly, the 72 Hour Kit box they have online doesn't seem like a bad deal at all. Of course, it's only their pouches. I'd probably still stick some snacky type foods into my other backpack.

Packed into the case and there's still room for more
What's Inside the Backpack
Toilet Paper---Garbage Bags (ponchos/rain protection/etc...)---Extra shirt and socks for each of us---Ziploc bag contains things like toothbrushes/floss/paste--feminine items---batteries---flashlight---plastic silverware---can opener---bandaids---hand sanitizer

I know there are many more things I can tuck into there, but for the time being the only additional things I plan to tuck away are:

  • list of emergency contacts and personal info
  • list of everything else that doesn't fit in the bag that we'd need to remember to grab. This includes:
    • A couple cases of water bottles
    • Extra Contacts/Glasses (probably should tuck some contact solution in there)
    • Sleeping Bags/Tent ....oh wait


Lisa said...

Good job Diana! My funniest experience with emergency packs was opening them up a couple years later and the kids had all outgrown the clothes, and it was so funny seeing the superhero underwear one son had put in there, and then watching him try to put it on again over his pants. I bet you can guess who I'm talking about too!

Dorothy Gillespie said...

Good ideas. I checked out the Mountain House website and like the idea of 10 year shelf life since that is about how often I get around to re-checking my emergency kit anyway. Plant that seed for my birthday present.