Trunk-or-Treat 2012

My first picture really has no relation to the Trunk-or-Treat festivities, other than I took this picture on the same day. My curls came together very nicely and sometimes I become a little self-absorbed and want to remember good-hair days.
 I was thrilled to see the donut-on-a-string game at the church for no reason other than I recently saw the pics on Nancy's blog and thought it looked very fun. I have decided if Michael is to ever eat a donut again, this will be the way he has to do it so at least he can burn some calories why downing the sugar.
This video is nothing other than watching Michael hop around the cake walk, but you do get a a glimpse of Richard in his sombrero with his fancy (real) mustache. I like the mustache. :) Unfortunately he is going to shave it off for the debut of his real Halloween costume.

You eventually do what you gotta do!

Michael & the move

I took a nap this afternoon and now with a quiet house I, myself, am not ready to go to bed. I've also been unpacking a lot today and don't quite have the motivation to do anymore of that. I've managed to check my Facebook about 100x already and nothing really changes there.

So I guess I'll write on the blog.

When I first moved to Seattle, in March of 2008 I had just started my blog. With the lack of friends and new surroundings, I consistently blogged and kept up-to-date status of Michael, because he seemed to be growing and changing so rapidly. He still is, and I still manage to whip out my phone to take pictures (probably far too often). It just never makes it to the blog.

Here's my most recent picture of him
Well, that's not true. THIS is actually the most recent.
Michael and I like to make silly faces at each other. He is learning to expand his facial expressions in all kinds of ways.

He bit his lip a lot after getting a cavity filling

In many ways, he reminds me of my favorite little brother named Philip. *Not to be confused with my favorite little brother named James.
I was trying to find the perfect picture of Phil, but this one will do. It also works nicely because whenever we mention Philip in our house, Michael always puts the word "WII" in the same sentence. Unfortunately, Phil told me his plans to sell the Wii before our next visit to Utah. Michael may be sorely disappointed. 

Michael is currently 4 years old. He is intelligent, helpful, and generally obedient. Oh, and he's also addicted to chocolate/sugar. This morning, he was up at 6:15 going through all of our boxes and waking me up by asking, "Where's my candy?" I knew where it was, but told him it was still packed away and we'd have to get it later. Silly to think that would somehow appease him and that I'd get a little more sleep. He persisted in his searching and finally found the his candy bag from the trunk-or-treat in the box by my bed. Luckily, he didn't notice how much more empty it was from when he went to bed the night before. And being tired--I let him take 2 candies as long as he went and watched a movie. 

He picked the full size Reeses cups that he got. And, do you know what? He came back in a short while later and said, "Mom, I took a bite of it and I didn't like it so I threw it in the garbage. Can I have another kind?" Truly, my son threw away a Reeses--I would've dug it back out and ate it myself, but our garbage can is full of all kinds of stuff from the move, I resisted. :)

I keep talking about this move--it's pretty much forefront on my mind at the moment. We've barely lived in the place for 24 hours. We are still in Issaquah and not too far from where we last lived--after a few months of living in our previous apartment, we knew it wasn't going to last too long which was unfortunate. I had a beautiful bright, large kitchen that I will miss. But here we get a garage! There--well, lets just say, we had to deal with street parking--and it took me approximately 5-7 minutes to walk from the street to my apartment. Kinda ridiculous. Pros & Cons.

Here's Michael and best friend, Ben playing while we were unpacking. Stairs is a new commodity for these boys.

We're excited to have a new place to call "home". We feel fortunate even to have a space to call home. And to be surrounded by wonderful people who make home worth it.