Trunk-or-Treat 2012

My first picture really has no relation to the Trunk-or-Treat festivities, other than I took this picture on the same day. My curls came together very nicely and sometimes I become a little self-absorbed and want to remember good-hair days.
 I was thrilled to see the donut-on-a-string game at the church for no reason other than I recently saw the pics on Nancy's blog and thought it looked very fun. I have decided if Michael is to ever eat a donut again, this will be the way he has to do it so at least he can burn some calories why downing the sugar.
This video is nothing other than watching Michael hop around the cake walk, but you do get a a glimpse of Richard in his sombrero with his fancy (real) mustache. I like the mustache. :) Unfortunately he is going to shave it off for the debut of his real Halloween costume.

You eventually do what you gotta do!

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Nancy said...

Isn't it hilarious to watch people eat donuts off strings? I think so. :)

And I'm glad you posted!