Our Backyard

We technically don't have a backyard, like a piece of land that we own. But, we do have this trail just right outside of our apartment buildings.

When we first moved into this neighborhood, I began to think we made a mistake. It just seemed to be a bunch of home developments squished on a 25-MPH street with just one or two parks within walking distance to us.

But then we had a sunny day.

Instead of walking through our long parking lot to get to the street, we walked the opposite direction, up a little dirt slant, and then we discovered a paved trail that connects virtually one end of the neighborhood to the other. Off the paved trail, are multiple dirt trails, and just to the left behind all those trees is a large lake. And a baseball field. Who knew?

Oh, and we have 2 swimming pools that are free to us because we live in this neighborhood. I haven't taken advantage of either. We also have free access to a hot tub in our apartment complex, but I haven't used that either. Maybe because it's a large complex, and the hot tub is like a mile-walk away. Too bad that's not in my backyard.


Mallory said...

I liked your apartment. Maybe it will be a nice summer and you will want to take advantage of the pools.

Dorothy said...

Nice discovery! Also, remember to come play in my back yard sometimes.

Lisa said...

You will get lots of use out of those trails this summer I'm sure! Hopefully the pools too!
Looks like you picked your home well.

Layla said...

I am taking full advantage of those pools with you this summer! :)