Hello Cupcake

I know, I'm on a roll with this sugary deliciousness here. Perhaps you'll remember one of my all time favorite posts on this blog about me. Upon first moving to Seattle, I was really into cookies, and now it seems I've moved on to cupcakes.

Well, feast your eyes on these:
Chocolate Balsamic Raspberry Cupcakes
This is the first time I have ever made cupcakes, and been absolutely terrified that I would even like them at all. I have never worked with Balsamic vinegar before, and the minute I opened it, I wanted to run away from that smell. I cautiously poured it in--tablespoon by tablespoon. When the frosting had thickened up, I dipped my finger in, closed my eyes and thought, "Here I go!"

I was blown away.

At first my tongue was wowed with the flavor, but shortly the taste of sweet raspberry rested on my tongue. I was quickly addicted--and of course, went back for more. It tastes 10x better when it's complimented with the chocolate cake made with pureed raspberries, coconut milk and balsamic vinegar.

Believe me. These are well worth your time.

Recipe stolen from Layla's blog, who stole it from Love and Olive Oil. I love how all of our frosting styles come out very different from one another. Word of suggestion if you use Layla's recipe: Either double your cake batter recipe, or 1/2 your frosting measurements. Got it? Good.


Layla said...

Or just leave it as is and eat the frosting with a spoon.

Lisa said...

I think practice is making you a perfect cupcake baker! They look wonderful!

Suzy said...

Looks good. But may I remind you that you haven't blogged a Michael story on his blog in a good long time, and that it's my favorite?
thank you.