Michael's 3rd Birthday

Michael turned three years old in February. I would've loved to invite every person I know over for his birthday celebration of cake and ice cream. But, to be honest I was worried that I invited Too many people over. At one point, we had 24 people in our apartment. 10 kids, and 14 adults. It was a mad house, but very fun.

Here's the video of us singing happy birthday to him.
Michael's commentary after watching this video just barely, was as follows: "I don't want to blow the candles. That's yucky. I don't know how." Then he dramatically laid his head down on my arms almost like he was reliving the moment. Haha

He got a Pacman birthday cake, with mini cupcakes that were the ghosts since we like playing this version of Pacman together.
For his present, Richard bought him a Prince of Persia lego set. My gift to him is changing his diaper. Still. Aren't they supposed to be magically potty-trained once they turn 3?


Lisa said...

These pictures are so cute! It looks like once he got past the burning candles trauma the rest was just fun and games! I love your cake! Great idea! It's fun when you personalize it!

Mallory said...

Your cake turned out great! Yay for fun parties!

adamkristalee said...

Looks like tons of fun! Good job on the cake:)

Dorothy said...

I especially love his expressions. You look great. Very clever cake. What a fun birthday celebration.

Myrna said...

Love the cake! You are so creative! Happy being three, Michael!