Transformers:Robots in Disguise

Richard is a huge fan of the movie, Transformers. Let me give you an idea of how far this love has gone. He watches it at least three times a week, and it's now one of Michael's top movie picks next to Toy Story and Cars. Countless times, I have seen them watching the first clip of Transfomers over and over, where Optimus Prime is starting the story by saying, "Before time began there was The Cube." Michael has it memorized, and then he'll immediately start humming the music that follows. It's pretty adorable to be honest.

Every holiday, or reason to celebrate, Richard asks for a Transformer toy. And believe me, he'll find any reason to celebrate.
"I got an A! Let's go to Toys R Us!"
"Michael, you ate all your dinner! Wanna go to the store?"
Here's the most common one, "Honey, let's go somewhere."
"I dunno."
"Well I don't want to spend any money."
"Okay, let's just go to Target and walk around."
I know. I know. I fall for it every time and then give him a hard time when we walk out with yet another Transformer.
Okay, I exaggerate, but just a little bit. We don't walk out with one EVERY time. Richard is good at reminding me of that. And you know, we don't even own the second Transformers movie, so I guess it isn't that bad.

To be honest, I think the Transformers toys are pretty cool. Those toys are for no beginners. I can't transform them. Richard has a friend who frequently comes over just to play "Transformers." You guys are how old? I took some pictures of them last time they were here, sitting on the couch twisting and turning, cranking and flipping plastic around focusing so intently on what they were doing, they couldn't even smile for me (the first time). After much prompting, I finally snapped their attention and got a decent picture. Here let me show you!

Oh wait. I can't.

Why? Because, our computer hard drive crashed, and with it all of our pictures and videos that we thought we had backed up, but apparently not. Thank goodness for the blog and what I have posted here. Although, this is only pieces of cute little videos I had of Michael.

In a way, I felt like my memories disappeared with the hard drive. I exaggerate again, but really, I was very, very sad.

As soon as I get our video recording camera up and running again I will get Michael to say his line and humming, and maybe he'll even "transform" himself for your viewing pleasure. But now it's almost 11pm and I must get ready for bed.

Last night, Richard came in to bed several hours after me. I guess I was ready to start a conversation with him. I turned to him and said, "Before time began....."
"What?" Richard replied.
Of course I couldn't leave out the most important part, so I hollered, "THE CUBE!!!"

I can be quite a hilarious person at night. Too bad I don't remember any of it.


The Wendler Family said...

Ahahahaha! That is funny. I can't believe he loves those toys so much. Do men ever really grow up? I ask myself this more than I think one, who is married to a 32 yr old should. :) We have not seen the movie, and I think it looks scary for young children. I am surprised Michael likes it so much and isn't scared by it.

I am SO SORRY bout your hard drive!! A few months ago Tim redid one of our computers and thought he backed everything up on a removable hard drive and then when he went to look for everything it showed nothing on it. I was DEVASTATED!! I cried and cried. All of Miles baby pictures up to that point were supposed to be saved. He was quite upset by how upset I was, called his dad to see what picture files we had sent them over the last couples of years, and his dad told him to check a special/different way to see if anything was on the removable h.d... and when he did, he found EVERYTHING!! I can't imagine what it would have been like if we didn't recover those things. I was seriously so upset. I guess I'm sentimental when it comes to things like pictures. So I kind of know what that is like and my heart breaks for you!

CIB said...

Boy... I sure would like to meet that friend of Richard's who comes over to play Transformers. :) Also, you're welcome for teaching Michael how to transform.

I also got a huge kick out of the t-shirt. I think Richard needs one. Where did you find it? I might need one too.

Lisa said...

Diana! I'm so glad to see that you're blogging again, I've missed your posts! They are always so entertaining and humorously honest. I love reading about your life and your family. So sad about your hard drive. Ugh, that's the worst. We bought an external hard drive because we've had that issue so many times. And I'm like you, I have to have my pictures! Oh, here's another idea, you can put your pictures in an online photo album like picasa, and you can keep them private if you want. Picasa is a free download, and it has some fun editing software, I use it all the time.
I've never seen the transformers movie, but I know my kids like it. Sounds like I should rent it.
We need to get together with you guys soon!