Be Kind

I've started writing this post about 8 times. Can't really dig into what I wish I could say. Just be kind, my friends. Forgive, love, laugh, live in the moment, and don't just sit around waiting for Wednesdays to roll around.

So tell me, what have you loved about today?


RORYJEAN said...

I loved that I got to spend the day with my family. And I got to eat misshapen cookies that Apollo made. And we got to laugh with friends and I got to sniff my sweet baby's head while she nursed. Life is beautiful.

Lisa said...

I once heard some very good advice from a man in our ward that I highly respect. He was teaching the Jr. Primary kids how to prepare to be good parents. This is what he said,
"Just remember these three little words, repeat them after me. Always Be Nice."
'Nuff said.

The Wendler Family said...

Simple, and well said. Isn't it so important? Especially with those we love the most like our husbands??
Thanks for sharing.

xcdenke said...

I love coloring stick figures of mommy and the boys, watching "Up" for probably the 30th time, the view from my home, & just knowing I have one more day to spend with my family is the best treat ever, Oh yeah, and then the rare occasion when I have just a little alone time.

summerbummer said...

I loved that I'm getting over my cold and felt well enough to make banana bread today and get an early start on dinner. I love having time to do things like that. ;)