72 Hour Kits Done!

So, writing about doing the 72 Hour kits really motivated me to get it done! Here's what I put into it.

Day One:
Granola Bar, Tuna, Fruit Cocktail, Minute Maid, Various snacks
Day two:
Odwalla bar, Candy Bar, Chicken, minute maid, Various snacks
Day three:
Granola Bar, candybar, Beans, Oranges, Minute Maid, Various snacks
The 'snacks' are crackers, jerky, trail mix, sunflower seeds, banana chips 
And then, water of course. 
The food and drinks (-the water) all fit in two ziploc bags, and the cracker box in my bag, and the bananas in Richard's bag. He also has the toilet paper, but I have his toothbrush--so hopefully in an event, we are together. :)
I don't know if the candybars are going to last my chocolate cravings. I may just believe there is no chocolate in the house, until I remember those bags. :O

Also, before I bagged it up, I wrote down the items and their expiration. Some items we may have to recycle through in 6 months. I need to keep my eyes out for items that last longer than that. Although, would it really kill me to eat something 2 months expired?

And, on a completely different note look at this delicious lasagna I made for dinner today! I also used my food processor to grind up some brussell sprouts that I tried to eat yesterday, and decided they would taste better mixed and hidden in my lasagna meat sauce.


Marika said...

They look good! Both the kit, and the lasagna. And no, eating things past their expiration date is fine, unless they are showing signs of contamination- bulging or denting, discoloration, or, of course, mold or smell. You might want to cycle through them, though, just cuz they're yummy-looking!

Anna said...

wow DI! good job. you're such an inspiration to us all! mind if i copy?

Diana said...

No, Anna! Please do! That is one reason I wrote the post, to help others get started if they wanted to.

CIB said...

Hmm... that lasagna looks super good! You make super tasty food.

Katie Wood said...

Sorry, I missed a word. I meant to say we packed high calorie foods we like. Instead of buying a bunch of 100 calorie snack packs we bought a box of paydays, and a box of fruit leather and a box of jerkey and so on. We also threw in a can of chili for each day. Josh did the math, and we have enough for 2000 calories a day in food we like with pleanty of fiber and protein. I think that's a lot more effective than a wide variety of crackers that just leave you hungry, plus when they expire, we get to eat a whole box of payday bars!

Petrea said...

Good job. You've really done a lot of thinking on this one--I just threw out most of the stuff from my last 72 hour kits--they were about 5 years old. You have inspired me to try again--and maybe I can use your ideas when I teach about this in Relief Society.