One Week


Our little boy has been with us for one week today! He is such a joy to have around. I've compiled a short list of things that Michael likes to do, just so we can always remember:

  1. Eat

  2. Sleep

  3. Poop

  4. Eat some More

  5. Hiccup-seriously, he's had the hiccups 7 times in the past two days.

I have a cute book called, "Sometimes I like to Curl Up in a Ball"
I think about it when Michael sleeps like this.
Richard says that he looks like a monkey, because of his long arm


The Arrival of Baby Michael

I woke up to quite a surprise Friday morning, when my water broke in bed. I was thrown off guard a lot, especially where I didn't even start having contractions until 45 minutes later. I called Richard home from work, got some things together, and headed to the hospital. After we were admitted, I got checked, IV'd, and given an epidural. Things went really well, and moved along really quickly. Dr Rees arrived at about 4:30 and I began pushing. Douglas Michael officially entered this world at 5:06, weighing 7 lbs 15 oz, and 20.5 inches long.
Richard and I making pushing faces. Just practicing!

Getting a bath in the nursery.

The happy parents!

We came home on Sunday afternoon. Here we are getting Michael dressed and put into the carseat.

I love this picture. He is so tiny. Goodnight Baby Michael.


Paper Airplanes

We love our upstairs neighbors. Russell is leaving to Afghanistan soon, and Wendy and the kids are moving to CA while he's gone. We are so sad-they will be gone in less than 20 days! So, last night, Richard invited Hannah & Leah to come downstairs and play. We decided to build paper airplanes with them. It is so fun to watch Richard play with them. Hannah would make her airplane talk to Richard's with a silly voice, and Richard would play right along and fly around with them. He'll be an awesome dad.

I made Leah's airplane for her. As a result of my building skills, and her undeveloped throwing skills, her airplane never actually flew very far.
I just think this last picture is silly.
Hannah is in the back, coloring her airplane. She drew pictures of Star Wars characters on her airplane (can you tell why Richard likes her so much?) She likes to play Lego Star Wars on the XBOX with Richard whenever she gets the chance. We are going to miss you, Neighbors!

Getting Ready!

The large box was just standing on our table, day after day saying "Open me! I'm so beautiful! You know you want to practice pushing me around." So, I did. Richard came home from work, and saw our dismantled stroller and carseat on our livingroom floor amidst everything else(I'm trying to get some of our things packed up for Seattle.)

"We still have to live here you know!" he said, as he tripped over 3 boxes on his way to our bedroom. Then, he read the destructions and started putting the stroller together for us!

When he finished, he proceeded to explain to me the purpose of every knob on the stroller, and the proper way to use them. For example, he wanted to show me how to properly latch the baby into the stroller. :) "Richard, I just don't think you can adequately explain this to me, without a baby in there." He took care of that problem right away.

Oh, our stroller is so cute!


Ode to Richard

Right now, Richard is in Seattle doing some apartment shopping for the 3 of us. I pray he is successful. It's pretty funny though, since he left because I have recieved multiple phone calls from friends asking How I am doing. Thanks guys. You are all so sweet. Haha. It's true, I miss him a lot even though he's only gone a few days. I anxiously await a phone call from him each night. I feel like we're engaged again. I just can't get him off my mind! Oh Richard, I love you. :)