Getting Ready!

The large box was just standing on our table, day after day saying "Open me! I'm so beautiful! You know you want to practice pushing me around." So, I did. Richard came home from work, and saw our dismantled stroller and carseat on our livingroom floor amidst everything else(I'm trying to get some of our things packed up for Seattle.)

"We still have to live here you know!" he said, as he tripped over 3 boxes on his way to our bedroom. Then, he read the destructions and started putting the stroller together for us!

When he finished, he proceeded to explain to me the purpose of every knob on the stroller, and the proper way to use them. For example, he wanted to show me how to properly latch the baby into the stroller. :) "Richard, I just don't think you can adequately explain this to me, without a baby in there." He took care of that problem right away.

Oh, our stroller is so cute!

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