Been up all night-maybe that's my problem

I wish that I was good at something. Not just good, but excelled in some area. I just feel like I dabble here and there, but never dive right in. The End.


Sneak Preview

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How many guys does it take to put a shelf together?

The missionaries stopped by at random, on an evening we were rearranging our livingroom. So we put them to work.
Elder Wallin, Elder Crandall, and Richard. I thought it was funny when all three of them were sharing the duty of screwing on one leg on the TV stand.
Michael just enjoyed playing in the large box afterwards!


Pillow fights

A few weeks ago, I was watching a movie and in it two of the actors get into a pillow fight. Michael was all over this idea. He jumped off the couch, grabbed a pillow from the bedroom, then came at me. He's always liked jumping on the bed but hitting with pillows just adds more fun to the fun!

At this point, he just wanted me to stop taking pictures and start playing again. :)



This is not meant to be a movie plug for Inception, but I have definitely thought a lot about that movie since watching it. My favorite part in the movie is during one of the levels when the characters are flying. I love flying in dreams. In fact, I have been flying in my dreams almost every night since watching the movie. It makes dreams one of my favorite things, because it's an experience I can never have in reality.

I felt like I could relate to the characters as they floated to the ceiling while flying. Actually, I hate it when that happens. Just like displayed in the movies, I have to crawl myself along the walls, and grab onto doorways to lower myself into the next room. This kind of uncontrollable flying is unbelievably annoying, and it used to happen all the time, until I learned to control it. Now, if I start off flying like that, I can usually make some controlled effort to "snap out of it" per se, and be able to fly freely up and down, and it's, well, awesome.

As I've mentioned this to some people, they've told me that they have never flown in their dreams. For reals? So, take my poll on the right, and leave a comment if you wish. Have you ever flown in your dreams? What is it like for you?

On a different note, for at least 2 years now, I have been having a reoccurring "nightmare" involving chewing gum! The setting surrounding this nightmare is never the same, but this situation is always the same. As I read the book "David Goes to School" by David Shannon, as a bedtime story for Michael I saw this picture that made me stop and reflect on these dreams. I feel it adequately illustrates how I feel sometimes in my dreams.

Nightmare situation: I am chewing gum. GOBS of gum. It's so much gum that I can't talk to the people around me, and I'm typically drooling because the gum is overwhelming. I reach my hand in to pull out the gum, and it just keeps coming out. Many times I'm wearing a retainer, and can't pull it out of my mouth because of this gum being wrapped around my back teeth! It's horrible! And most of the time, people around me don't understand what's going on. I usually have to wake up to make it stop.

I used to think our house rule of "no gum in the house" as kids was ridiculous, but now I don't like gum, period.


Paper Nut Alphabet

My dear friend Jeanie-a talented designer, has recently finished her alphabet poster. I have seen this in the works as she sketched individual letters. I honestly had no idea that this magical poster was going to be the result of her work. I can't believe all the intimate details she put into this piece of work. So, if you're looking to buy me a belated birthday present, or Michael an early Christmas present, or if you are just dying to have this displayed in your home, visit her etsy shop.

"Each character is inspired by Victorian ornamental typefaces and holds a wonderland of fine detail hinting at an object beginning with that letter. Perfect to encourage the budding imagination of your child...or to freshen up your own!" Isn't that incredible?